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2006 Maserati Grand Sport V8

PROCESS: This Maserati has been garage kept its life. Even so, we started with a citrus foam and three bucket wash, followed by a chemical and mechanical decontamination process to ensure the paint was perfectly clean. The engine bay and wheel wells were steam cleaned.

   The paint was then treated to three correction steps using the Rupes buffers and premium compounds and polishes to ensure this super soft Maserati paint was flawless.

    Then we finished off with Gtechniq Crystal Serum Black, the best paint protection on the market. This gives extreme protection against the elements and improper washing, and absolutely unmatched levels of gloss, all backed by a 7 year guarantee. The wheel faces were then coated with Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light for easy clean up, and the cloth top protected with Gtechniq Smart fabric, leaving this Maserati looking amazing for years to come. 

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