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We start with a good prep wash, using safe and advanced washing techniques. Then we do a thorough decontamination of the exterior. Test spots are done with different polishes to find which will achieve the best results in one step. Level of correction achieved will vary depending on the vehicle. Hard German paints could be around 35% correction to where soft Japanese paints could see up to 75%

Starting at: $250

As always, we start with a complete prep and decontamination of the exterior. Multiple test spots are carried out using different combinations of advanced compounds and polishes, using the safest techniques, to find which will achieve the best results. This will get one coumpound pass, and one polishing pass. Correction levels of up to 90% can be achieved. This is the most common package and perfect for most daily drivers!

Starting at: $500

Orange peel is the texture in the reflection in your finish. This really affects the gloss and reflection clarity. Through a technical process of wet sanding, and other methods, this texture can be removed. This is geared towards show cars, and can not safely be done on all vehicles. Paint thickness measurements must be taken to determine. 

Starting at: By Quote Only

Own a sports car, show car, exotic or classic? This is for the true enthusiast. Paint thickness measurements are taken for safety. We use multiple compounding stages and finishing stages to achieve the highest level of correction that can safely be achieved. We go the extra mile to ensure your car truly stands out. Door jams are polished, headlights and tail lights are polished. We truly go the distance!

Starting at: $1200


ALL paint correction services include the required prep. There is no additional cost. Also, all correction packages include Gtechniq C2 Liquid Crystal for protection. However, after spending the time and money to bring your finish to the level you want, we highly recommend you consider ceramic protection at this time, as it is the best way to protect your finish. Please visit the PROTECTIVE COATING service page for more info. All correction packages are starting prices for average vehicles and do not include sales tax. We highly recommend you stop in for proper consultation!

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