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2016 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S

PROCESS: This vehicle received a very thorough exterior wash and decontamination process using the three bucket wash method, and both chemical and mechanical decontamination process. We inspected the paint and decided to carry out a very thorough 2 stage paint correction.This process removed all the swirls, scratches, and fading in the paint work. To round it out, we used the Gtechniq range for protection. The paint was treated with Gtechniq Crystal Serum Black with 7 year guarantee. The trim was treated with C4. We coated the wheel faces with Gtechniq Exo V3 for easy clean up. The entire exterior then received a coat of Liquid Crystal. The end results speak for themselves. One very beautiful Porsche thats now set to look this good for years. 

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