Paint Protection Film Overview-

      Paint protection film (clear bra) is the best form of paint protection on the market for your automotive finish. It provides a very thick, but optically clear barrier between your paint and the outside elements. It is designed to cover high impact areas to prevent damage from stone chips, road debris, bug etching, road chemicals, etc. Unlike the early years, where the film would start to yellow and crack over time, the technology has come a long way. Not only does the film look great, being that its optically clear, it adds no change in color or texture, and is basically invisible. Now you can have the benefits of the clear bra (NO ROCK CHIPS) with none of the downsides of the past. Here at G3 Custom Detailing We offer a wide variety of coverage options to fit almost any budget. 

What Film Do We Offer-

     At G3 Custom Detailing we offer Suntek AND Xpel Ultimate paint protection films. These are the two industry leaders. When testing films, we had to find what seemed to look and work the best. We offer both because they both have their own pros and cons and we decided to give our customers a choice. Coverage options are the same for both films, and we will gladly walk you through pros and cons and help you make the right decision best for you YOUR needs. 

How Is It Installed?-

    Paint protection film installs are a very time consuming and tedious process. The panels have to be perfectly cleaned and polished. We then lay the film on the panel with a special slip solution allowing us to move and stretch the film where necessary, and is then squeegeed out to remove the moisture from behind the film. This leaves behind a nearly invisible, 8 mil thick film on the surface.   We use machine cut, software designed patterns specifically for your vehicle. That means we can optimize coverage and quality, while eliminating the risk of scratches and gouges being made with a razor blade while cutting. With G3 you can expect a quality install with a quality film.



The partial front package is our most common package. This includes the full front bumper, 24-30 inches up the front of the hood, front portion of the fenders matched to the hood, and the mirrors. This is a great choice for your daily driven vehicle that will cover the typical high impact areas at a budget friendly price. 

Starting At: $750

The full front package covers the full front bumper, the full hood, full fender, and the mirrors. This is very popular on sports cars and high end luxury cars that will be daily driven, or for those who simply can not stand the sight of rock chips. The front of the car takes the most abuse and to where partial front is great coverage, low sports cars are still at risk especially on the hood.

Starting At: $1350

The track package is a package we created for sports cars and exotics particularly, though we can install to other vehicles as well.  This kit includes the full front wrap, we also throw in some extras. The a pillars and front portion of the roof, the rocker panels, and the rear wheel impact area are added. Track and spirited back road cruising creates added risk, and sports cars with wide sticky tires create added hazard for the side of the vehicles. 

Starting At: $1800

This is most common on very high end vehicles and provides the absolute most protection to your vehicles paintwork. This package is as it states, the entire vehicle. All painted surfaces, headlights, etc. This is overkill for most average guys. But if you drive a new Ferrari, Mclaren, ACR Viper, etc. This is an option to consider as you nearly eliminate the risk of chips, scratches, staining, etc.

Starting At: $4500

NOTE: These prices are all starting prices. They do include prep and some polishing on the panels being wrapped, if the paint condition is beyond whats included that will be brought to your attention upon consultation. We can also make a custom package for you, we listed the above packages as they are most common but we can fit a package to your individual needs and budget. These prices fit for most vehicles however some are more intensive and/ or larger and the price can vary. PPF is a service that can be done by itself or as an add on to other services. 

  • Headlights

  • Door Cups

  • Door Jams

  • Grille

  • Door Edge Guards

  • Rear Bumper Deck

  • A Pillars/ Front Roof

  • Rear Wheel Impact

  • Rocker Panels

Suntek PPF C-

     Suntek's PPF C is a high quality 8 mil thick film. This film is very optically clear meaning its nearly invisible when installed, even on partial panels. The forgiving adhesive makes for less lift and stretch lines found and less risk of damage upon removal or replacement. The top coat is an advanced, self healing top coat that reduces swirls and scratches, as well as very resistant to cracking. Looks and overall tinsel strength is where the suntek film truly shines. This film is backed by a manufactures 5 year warranty.

Suntek PPF Ultra-

     Suntek's PPF Ultra takes the same high tinsel strength urethane film and forgiving adhesive from the PPF C, and adds a much more advanced top coat. This results and better hydrophobic properties with much higher resistance to staining while keeping the same self healing benefits. With the ultra film, you get the same great looks and benefits we've all come to love, with even more added protection. This film is backed by a manufacturers 10 year warranty. We charge a 15% mark up to the standard films. 

Xpel Ultimate-

     Xpel Ultimate is another high grade paint protection film. Xpel uses an advanced self healing top coat that helps resist swirls and staining. Xpel film is sightly thicker and uses a more aggressive adhesive. This is a great option backed with great name and a 10 year manufacturer warranty. The xpel shines in overall coverage in their patterns and pattern options.