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Your interior well maintained, just need touched up? This is what you need. No need to get crazy. We do good vacuum of the upholstery, blow the dust from the cracks and vents, and wipe down the plastics, vinyl and leather. Glass is cleaned to a streak free finish. We do not use any greasy, slippery shine.


Starting at: $50 



This is for the daily driver. In this package we do a thorough vacuum of the upholstery. The carpets all get shampood to remove dirts and stains. We clean all the nooks and crannies that get filled with dirt, dust, food, and everything life throws at your interior. The Leather is conditioned and the plastics and vinyls are wiped down with a light protectant.

Starting at: $185


This one is for the perfectionist. Have a show car? Just buy a used car and dont know what surprises are left behind? This is where we get crazy. The seats are removed for full access. We use a mix of safe all purpose cleaners, steam, and advanced tools to do a heavy clean of your interior. Anything that can be safely cleaned, is cleaned. Wood grain, and carbon accents are polished. This is the ultimate in interior cleaning.

Starting at: $400

NOTE: All packages, excluding THE BASIC CLEAN, include a basic wash and a light surface protectant. Any of the above packages are eligible to add Gtechniq surface protectants. (Please see PROTECTIVE COATINGS service page). All prices are starting prices based on average vehicles and do not include sales tax. 

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