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2007 FERRARI F430

PROCESS: The owner of this beautiful Ferrari wanted it to look brand new. We started with a rinseless wash and steam clean of the exterior. Followed by a mechanical decontamination process to ensure the exterior was perfectly clean. The engine bay was then steam cleaned.

  Then came the heavy work. We removed the old yellowed clear film from the hood, fenders and mirrors. The whole vehicle received multiple polishing stages to remove the swirls and scratches, and bring back the true gloss of this beautiful red. The paint was then sealed with Polish Angel Master Sealant and topped with Gtechniq C2.

  The wheels were then removed to be thoroughly cleaned. The wheel wells and suspension components were all steam cleaned, as well as the brake calipers were cleaned then sealed. This vehicle is equipped with carbon ceramic brakes, so no harsh chemicals were used here. The wheels were then sealed with C2 and tires dressed. 

   Last but not least. We installed new Suntek PPF (paint protection film) on the full hood, the fenders and mirrors. The suntek film is optically clear so its almost completely invisible.

    This Ferrari is now back to like new condition, and very well protected for whatever life throws at it! Scroll through the gallery, the results speak for themselves.

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