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Ceramic coatings are the latest and greatest in paint protection technology. The ever increasing popularity means you see new companies with new coatings every day. It seems that everyone is pushing their coating as "the best". At G3, we make it our mission to ensure we are providing a product to our customers that we feel 100% confident in. In 2012 we set out to do just that. Over the years we have tried and tested almost every reputable coating on the market. As new stuff is released, were sure to try it. Through everything, the Gtechniq line has always stood out, or checked every box, if you will. We knew that with Gtechniq's excellent product line, backing, and reputation in the industry, this was a surefire winner. 


Gtechniq is a UK based company with the focus of Smart Surface Science. The company was founded by Drew Gill, a Quantum Physicist, who had a complete dissatisfaction with all other paint protection products at the time. He set out on a mission to create the smartest, and most advanced surface protection on the market. Through the years Gtechniq has always placed their focus on creating industry leading products, and they have hit their mark. The proof is in the pudding. When Force India Formula One teams set out to find the proper protection for their race cars, they partnered with Gtechniq. When Aston Martin Racing set out to find a coating to help with drag coefficient on their cars, they looked to Gtechniq to make it happen. And that very same technology is available to you through G3 Custom Detailing, Northern Ohios only accredited installer. 



Gtechniq has a full range of surface protection to ensure that every surface of your vehicle is protected, from the paint, trim, wheels, and glass. To all of your interior surfaces such as your fabrics, plastics, leather, vinyl and soft touch. 

To where most companies just put their label on whatever coatings their manufacturer sends them, Gtechniq does tons of laboratory testing and field testing before it is even approved by accredited installers to go out to the end customer. Gtechniqs close nit group of hand selected accredited installers, helps ensure that the products used on your vehicle are the best. Not only in a lab, but in the real world. 

On top of surface protection, they have a full range of maintenance products to upkeep your vehicle. From shampoo, tire dressing, interior cleaners and drying towels. All of these products are available to you.  


In closing, if you're looking for the absolute best in surface protection for your vehicle, look no further than Gtechniq. With world class technology and support, to the backing of a truly industry leading company. You will not find a product line with as much to offer for you and your pride and joy. For more info on the company and their full product line, click the link bellow.

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