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My name is Chuck, i own and operate G3 Custom Detailing LLC. This passion for me started as far back as i can remember. I had my first dirt bike at just 6 years old, and my love for all things fast, had begun. Through the years I've owned, maintained, built, raced and detailed many cars. I studied automotive technology through high school, and then further at OTC in Cleveland. I joined the Army National Guard when i was just 17 years old and served for six years. My love for cars mixed with the discipline instilled by the military, made for a very meticulous detailer. 


I started detailing when i was 16. It all started as a hobby for me, detailing my own car and my friends cars. As i got older i branched to doing it on the side by request. Going to meets and shows got attention, and people wanted their cars to look as good as mine. After i returned from Afghanistan in 2012, it became clear that detailing was not just a passion and hobby, but a field i truly wanted to make waves in. And what had started as a hobby, turned into a way of life. Not only did i detail cars, i had taken a job with a detailing supply company. I made a living by going to shops and helping bring them up to speed on the latest technology and techniques, as well as training detailers. I had become the go to guy for even the most experienced detailers, when they had questions. I've always made it a point to know more, to be better and to always improve, so i could share my knowledge with the industry. That meant going to training seminars, staying up late doing research, practicing and trying new things, surrounding myself with the best.  I guess that is what makes me different. I didnt chose this industry because i had no other option. I didn't chose this industry because i was given an opportunity or because there was huge money in it. I chose this industry because i truly love it. 


I returned from Afghanistan in 2012. This is when it really started. Detailing and going to meets had become a major focus. At this time, all our work was by word of mouth and recommendation. I needed a name to be recognized, And thus, G3 Custom Detailing was born. 

Our specialty has always been paint correction, ceramic coatings, and show prep. We don,t focus on the dealer market, and volume has never been our goal. So standing out from the crowd is important. So, i chose to be sure that quality and customer service is what did that. We stay at the forefront of technology and technique to ensure that your vehicle receives the best care available. Work never ends. We're always testing new products, coatings, and techniques. Every product offered has been tested and proven and every process has been tested to ensure its the safest and most efficient means possible, and only then does it touch your vehicle. 

Now, ere we are years later. We've become more knowledgeable and skilled. Pushing to build our brand further, and always adding new skill sets to offer to you, the customer. Our mission statement is simple. To ensure our customers and their vehicle is treated better here, than anywhere else. So if you're looking for a local detail shop, with you as their number one priority, look no farther.

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