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One of the most common questions we get is, why should i have my vehicle professionally detailed? I can wash my own car, why pay someone to do it? So, were going to go over this in some detail. Everything from the benefits, what to look for and ask, and the differences in detailing and how to choose. This subject matter has a lot to unpack, so ill try to make this as short and informative as possible!


There are three big reasons i recommend having your vehicle, whether its a car, truck, boat, plane, motorcycle, or RV detailed. So lets get started.


VALUE RETENTION/ INCREASE: For the majority of people today, the second largest investment you will ever make is your vehicle. Just like any other investment, it needs to be cared for. A well maintained house, sells for a premium. The same goes for a car. When a vehicle is going to be purchased, whether its you purchasing a vehicle, or a private buyer or dealer is going to be purchasing yours, the first thing noticed is its visual appearance. If you go look at a car, and the wheels are stained, the paint is faded, and the interior is worn, chances are you're going to offer a much lower amount, or you will find another car entirely. It signifies that the vehicle was just never cared for. This ultimately hurts the value, and hurts your investment. Getting professional grade protection installed early, and having that maintained, will keep your investment looking great. And if your car is already looking weathered, a professional detail can restore it back to its former beauty. 


HEALTH AND WELFARE: A filthy interior can be damaging to you and your family's health. As a professional detailer, i've seen it all. Food, dirty diapers, band aids, half eaten candy, blood stains, you name it. Although its rare to have vehicles this dirty, it does happen. Food falling beside the seat, mucus from coughing and sneezing, cigarette smoke, drink spills, all of these things lead to mold, and bacteria that is harmful for your health. Good protection helps prevent stains, and a quick interior detail on a regular basis can really help prevent your interior from ever reaching that point. 

MAJOR REPAIR PREVENTION: Having your vehicle professionally detailed and maintained can help prevent costly cosmetic repairs later. Keeping paint cared for and protected prevents heavy sun fading, oxidation, swirls and scratching due to poor washing technique, and even from premature clear coat failure. Which leads to needing a costly repaint. This also helps prevent heavy build up of dirt, grime, moisture, salt, etc from your wheel wells and undercarriage, which leads to rust. Your interior is also important, we've all seen vehicles with faded or cracked dash boards. Steering wheels destroyed, leather that's lost its pigment. These problems are all very costly to fix correctly. The good news is, they're all preventable with proper care!


THE DIFFERENCE: It seems like everyone these days offers "detailing services". Everything from your dealership, local car washes, garage DIY guys trying to make a buck, it's everywhere now. So whats the difference between the car wash with a flyer advertising "Complete Details" for $99, and the professional detail shop with significantly higher prices? Its all the same thing, right? Simply put, NO. It's not the same at all. The car wash, local dealer, etc. You have to keep in mind detailing is a side service usually offered for convenience. This means the employees are usually not well trained, the products being used are coming from the lowest bidder, and speed is key. This leads to poor quality work, and sometimes work that is harmful to you vehicle. Excessive water in your interior, harsh chemicals that harm surfaces, poor techniques that can do more harm than good in the long run. The professional high level detailer is generally more expensive. But this is for a reason. Quality never comes cheap. Everything from the training, high quality products, tons of R&D as well as  the practice and drive to truly hone our skills and techniques to ensure your vehicle is cared for in the safest and most efficient means possible. This comes at a price, but the difference and proof will be clear. 

HOW TO CHOSE: This is not as complicated as it may seem. Keep in mind the golden rule, quality is never cheap, so if the price seems too good, it probably is. This does NOT mean to just go to the most expensive guy, just be cautious. Dont be afraid to ask questions. Educate yourself, and make sure that you feel that person truly knows what he/she is doing. Ask what products are used, what techniques are being used for each process. I will sit down with customers for hours if that,s what it takes for that customer to get a true comfort level and knowledge base of what is going on, and what is individually best for YOU.

-Chuck Gutscher / Owner & Detail Specialist

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