The carbon series film is our base film option. Non dyed, carbon construction for superior looks and durability with a lifetime warranty. 


Coupe/ 3 windows: $200

Sedan/ 5 windows: $250

SUV/ Standard: $300

Extended SUV: $350

Windshield Add On: $100

CIR is a full ceramic film. This gives the same great appearance as the carbon, with highly superior comfort and protection characteristics.

Coupe: $375

Sedan: $450

Standard SUV: $525

Extended SUV: $600

Windshield: 70% included. $50 up-charge for other percentage

NOTE: The prices listed are for vehicles with no previously installed tint and prices cover MOST vehicles. When applying tint film, water is used on the interior during install and as we do our best to cover all electronics, there is always a risk being taken by the customer when having aftermarket tint film installed. 

Carbon Series Film-


     The carbon series film is a non dyed, carbon constructed film. This means you get great non reflective color with no rainbow look or purple coloring. Unlike the standard dyed films our competition uses,  The carbon construction is very resistant to fading and offers more benefits as well. The carbon film has great anti glare characteristics, offers between 30-50% solar energy rejection depending on darkness percentage, and blocks 99% of all UV rays. All in all its a superior film in looks and quality, with the price point of a standard film. And all of this is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. 


CIR Full Ceramic-

     The CIR film is a full ceramic film. The CIR film takes all the great appearance and non reflective look of the standard carbon film, with much greater comfort and protection benefits. On top of the great color and fade resistance, solar energy rejection gets a boost to 45-62% of total solar energy. Again 99% of all UV rays are rejected which really protects your skin and your interior. Then to top it off, the film rejects an industry leading 85% of IR light. This means the hot feel of the sun on your skin is drastically reduced, and makes it much easier to cool down the cabin of your vehicle on hot days. This film is also backed by a limited lifetime warranty.