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Xpel CS Black

The carbon series film is our base film option. Non dyed, carbon construction for superior looks and durability with a lifetime warranty. 


Coupe/ 3 windows: $200

Sedan/ 5 windows: $300

SUV/ Standard: $400

Extended SUV: $500

Windshield Add On: $150

Xpel XR Ceramic

CIR is a full ceramic film. This gives the same great appearance as the carbon, with highly superior comfort and protection characteristics.

Coupe: $300

Sedan: $400

Standard SUV: $500

Extended SUV: $600

Windshield: $200

NOTE: The prices listed are for vehicles with no previously installed tint and prices cover MOST vehicles. When applying tint film, water is used on the interior during install and as we do our best to cover all electronics, there is always a risk being taken by the customer when having aftermarket tint film installed. 


Xpel CS Black-

     The CS Black series film is Xpel's entry level film. That does not make this a low quality film by any means. CS is a completely color stable film that looks fantastic, does not effect signal, offer 99% UV rejection, and all backed by a lifetime guarantee. If you're looking to block some sun, reduce glare, protect the interior, and just add a nicer aesthetic to your car, the CS line is a great choice.


XR Full Ceramic-

     The XR series film is, as stated, a full ceramic film. Tis means you get all the great benefits offered with the CS line, with some great added benefits. Building on the benefits to the CS line, you get added comfort and clarity to the mix. The ceramic properties do a brilliant job at blocking infrared rays. What this means for you is greater comfort. The feeling of the sun burning on your skin comes from the harmful IR. You remove that burning sensation and reduce interior temperature. On top of this comes clarity. Ceramic films are simply easier and more clear to see out of. If you want tinted windows but night driving is a concern, this alone makes it worth the small upcharge. 

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