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This handwash is perfect for your already detailed and protected vehicle. We start with a presoak and foam wash, then hand washed using a Ph neutral shampoo and safest techniques to ensure no swirling or scratches are created. Wheels are cleaned with an acid free cleaner and soft brushes. Then dried to a spot free finish.


Starting at: $50

This is the next step up. We start with the same wash method. Except now, we get more detailed. The bugs and tar are safely removed. The paint is treated with an Iron remover and clay treatment, to ensure the paint is perfectly clean. Now, that the paint is clean and bare, we seal it up with Gtechniq C2 Liquid Crystal. This is a slick, glossy finish that will protect your finish for up to 6 months.

Starting at: $150

This package is a lot like THE CRYSTAL EXTERIOR package. The prep is the same, but now we add some more protection. After the full prep we apply two coats of Polish Angel Master Sealant. This is a high grade, hand made in Germany, synthetic sealant. This leaves a deep wax like shine that will protect your vehicle for up to 12 months. Great for Ohio winters!

Starting at: $200

Consider this a day at the spa for your vehicle. We use the same detailed and safe prep methods as before, but we take it a bit further. Here we add in some light polishing work to the paint. This will remove some light surface swirls and really step up the gloss. We apply a coat of Polish Angel Master Sealant. The glass and wheels are sealed with Gtechniq C2 Liquid Crystal.


Starting at: $250 


At G3 Custom Detailing we understand that no two vehicles, budgets, or owners are the same. Our goal is to meet or exceed you, the customers, needs and expectations. So, as we have packages with starting price points, nothing is set in stone. We offer a very extensive list of services, it is difficult to design packages to fit everyones needs. Please give us a call, or set up a free consaltation, and we can design a package perfect for your personal goals, expectations, and budget.


  • Wheels off detailing. We remove the wheels for a complete clean of the wheels, brakes and fender wells

  • Paint Correction (Please see paint correction service page)

  • Headlight Restoration

  • Orange Peel Removal

  • Ceramic Coatings for all exterior surfaces. Paint, glass, wheels, calipers, trim. (Please see PROTECTIVE COATINGS service page)

  • Motorcycle and recreational vehicles

  • Marine, RV, Aircraft and Semi trucks

  • Black plastic trim renewing

  • Paint chip repair

NOTE: All exterior service packages, with the exception of, THE NOT SO BASIC WASH, include a basic interior clean up, but any of these packages can be combined with any interior package at a bundled price. Also note that these prices are starting prices for average vehicles and do not include sales tax. Ceramic paint protection can not be added to these basic exterior service packages. Please see the PROTECTIVE COATINGS and PAINT CORRECTION service pages for more information.

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