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2017 Corvette Z06/ Z07

PROCESS: This beautiful  Z06 came to us straight from the dealership for our ultimate new car total surface protection package. This means the vehicle was decontaminated and inspected thoroughly for defects. As the photos show, even brand new there were swirls, buffer trails, sanding marks, and light scratches fresh off the truck. So we carried out a thorough 2 stage enhancement to make this vehicle near perfect. 

    The wheels were removed so we could polish the wheels and calipers, then the wheels, wheel wells, and brake ducting were all protected with Gtechniq coatings.

    The front bumper and door sills had suntek paint protection film installed for added protection, then the paintwork was protected with Gtechniq Crystal Serum Black. The complete interior, exterior trim, glass and exhaust tips, as well as some engine bay plastics were all treated with Gtechniq Coatings as well. 

    The final result was stunning. This blue looks fantastic and the whole vehicle will stay this way fr years to come!

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