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GYEON Pure is our entry level ceramic coating. This utilizes a high grade, pure SI02 base. Thick, hard, and exceptional candy like gloss describe this coating best. Combine that with excellent chemical resistance and durability of up to 24 months, this is a great, budget friendly option comparable to some pro only coatings. 

Starting At: $400+ Prep


GYEON MOHS+ is a top grade, certified detailer only coating from GYEON. MOHS+ is a a tested and certified 9H coating. Exceptional gloss and real life durable protection is what this coating is all about. Great chemical resistance and self cleaning abilities, all backed by a 5 year warranty. 

Starting at: $900+ Prep


GYEON Duraflex is the latest of the GYEON certified detailer only coating line. Duraflex uses the same 9H base coat as MOHS+ but with a different top coat. This coating has a nice warm gloss, the SLICKEST coating on the market with insane water behavior, all backed with the 5 year warranty.  


Starting At: $900+ Prep 


Everyone loves a glossy car but there are many surfaces on your vehicle that are exposed and prone to damage. We offer a full range of protection from GYEON. Every surface can be protected. Our full surface protection upgrade includes GYEON Trim coating, Gyeon Leather Shield, GYEON Fabric Coat n all interior fabrics, Gyeon Preserve on all interior vinyl and trim, GYEON Rim on the entire wheel and painted brake calipers where applicable, And GYEON View on the exterior glass. These coatings can be added a le carte as well as the complete package.

Full Surface Upgrade Starting At: $500

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